Who we work with 

 work with women passionate, dedicated and committed to the journey of Self Discovery. Many of us today are experiencing a real soul searching where our lives are almost unmanageable in the way we have managed them before. Old strategies aren’t working, old ways of communicating are leading to even more conflict and we are feeling more and more disconnected from ourselves and each other, especially our children. Life feels out of control. Fear and panic seem to be our daily realities.




How we work 

Our world is shifting, life as we know it is changing. The old is falling away to make room for the new! And the new is so beautiful. Many of us are not conscious of this. A new dawn has arrived where we are required to live authentically. Nothing else works!!

Our people crave our True Selves, to see our vulnerability and to be give the safe space to be vulnerable without judgement. It is becoming more and more difficult for us to carry the masks that we have used for decades that have secured us the love and approval that kept us alive. Somehow that love doesn’t feel like real love to us! The intense emotions coming up in so many of us are coming up to be integrated, to be healed. We are required now to live from wholeness, no longer fragmented in right and wrong, good and bad identities. But so many of us have no idea how to come Home to ourselves!


What happens

The women I work with one on one and in groups are women that are passionate about living authentically and recognize the need for guidance and support. Many see mothering and their deep love for their children as a catalyst for this process. They sense the world and their children requiring a courageous step into WHOLENESS.

The journey with me is a tandem leap into the unknown. Into what scares you in order to come out the other side, your whole self. But you are not alone. I will be with you each step of the way, reminding you of your sacredness even if you are swimming in self hate, fear and self doubt. We live in a world where feeling, truly feeling, allowing what we feel to be here without judgement is at best a forgotten skill and at worst, almost a taboo. Your courageous choice to become whole is the most vital shift you can make, for yourself and for your children and for the world.

Coaches Roal

My role is that of way shower, truth teller, ass kicker. I have been where you are!! I stood in the fire of who I was not until I was came out the other side, finally FREE to be all of me. I do not believe in your limitations, but hold you the fire of your sorrow, shame, fear and anger until the flames burn out and the Truth of your magnificence is clear and apparent to you. Where you realize that your vulnerability that you have hidden, ashamed of, is your greatest power and gift to the world